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Arduino Ethernet Wiznet W5100 / W5500 DS18B20 OneWire Dallas HTML Webserver WebSocket
Teplotný senzor DS18B20 v puzdre TO-92
Dallas DS18B20 - case TO-92
Teplotný senzor DS18B20 - vodotesné vyhotovenie
Dallas DS18B20 - external versione
SSR relé OMRON G3MB-202P
SSR relay OMRON G3MB-202P
Elektromagnetické relé SRD-05VDC-SL-C
Electromagnetic relay SRD-05VDC-SL-C

Pinout of the DS18B20 sensor in the TO-92 housing, or in a water test version

Ethernet termostat - Pinout OneWire senzora DS18B20

Table connection of terminals - Arduino Uno / Nano (AtMega328P)

Arduino Relay
5V Vcc
Arduino DS18B20
5V Vcc

Wiring diagram - Ethernet thermostat:

  • Arduino Uno, Nano compatible
  • Ethernet termostat - Schéma zapojenia - plynové kúrenie

    Connected Ethernet room thermostat with DS18B20 sensor on the OneWire bus via breadboard:

    Ethernet termostat - Zapojenie cez breadboard

    The following types of thermostats can be replaced:

  • Ethernet thermostat can be integrated instead of an existing room thermostat with COM and NO contact without any change in connection.
  • After connecting the boiler to the COM and NO contacts, it can be used immediately and controlled with the set data in the web interface.
  • Replaced thermostats during Ethernet thermostat test run: - reported by thermostat users
  • EMOS Thermo
  • SALUS 091FL
  • EBERLE 525
  • TECH CS-296