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Arduino Ethernet Wiznet W5100 / W5500 ESP8266 ESP32 Ultrasonic HC-SR04 JSN-SR04T RG-11 Sigfox

Wiring diagram for level meter (Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32)

Wiring diagram for supported microcontrollers and ultrasonic distance sensors HC-SR04 / JSN-SR04T (waterproof)
Revision July 1 - 30, 2020
  • Added ULP modes - Ultra low power - deep sleep for platforms ESP8266 (External interrupt WAKE pin), ESP32 (RTC Timer).
  • Scheme extended by voltage divider for 3V3 platforms ESP8266, ESP32 for their connection with 5V ultrasonic distance sensor.
  • Added the ability to use OTA update in StandBy mode for ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms in a LAN network via a Python uploader.
  • Schéma zapojenia pre hladinomer - Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266 - HC-SR04 / JSN-SR04T
    If you are using the Wiznet W5200 to W5500 Ethernet module with the Ethernet2.h header file, you must connect the D2 Arduino terminal to the INT (INIT) terminal on the Ethernet module!
    Arduino + Ethernet (W5100 / W5500) HC-SR04 / JSN-SR04T
    5V Vcc
    D5 Trigger
    D6 Echo

    When powering the NodeMCU via USB, connect the ultrasonic distance sensor to the VUSB (VU) terminal, when powering via the base kit via the adapter, connect the sensor to the VIN (5V)
    ESP8266 HC-SR04 / JSN-SR04T
    5V Vcc
    D1 (GPIO 5) Trigger
    D2 (GPIO 4) Echo

    ESP32 HC-SR04 / JSN-SR04T
    5V Vcc
    D22 Trigger
    D23 Echo

    Arduino Sigfox UART Modem 868 MHz
    3V3 Vcc
    D7 (TX) RX (3V3)
    D8 (RX) TX